Linda Em is a London based roots singer-songwriter who hasn’t forgotten her IRISH roots with CELTIC shades running throughout her music.

As well as classic Woodstock era songwriters such as Leonard Cohen, Kris Kristofferson and Melanie, Linda’s lyrical narrative is influenced by the authors, poets, playwrights and artists that inform the strong storytelling aspect of her songwriting. The subject matter of her songs runs the gamut from myths and legends, the inspirational figures she has known in her own life and the battered but noble occupants of the typical 'old man's pubs' of pre-hipster East London.

Performing at London's legendary 100 Club and major UK folk festivals supporting greats like Fairport Convention, Barbara Dickson, Julie Felix and Lindisfarne, she can be accompanied in an intimate acoustic setting or by her full seven-piece band, which includes soulful backing singers along with violin, bouzouki and bodhran - bringing that Celtic feel to the music.

With both BBC and Irish radio support for her debut album 'Shadow Lands', Linda’s clear, warm, sultry vocal draws the listener into her musical story telling. What‘s unique is the extraordinary mix of influences that create Linda’s original Roots sound. There is certainly folk (revisited from a present-day London / Irish cultural perspective) but also with a bit of rock, front porch blues, torch song and even a hint of ska and trip-hop if you listen closely enough.

Linda has been promoting her most most recent release, the double A-side single 'Buccaneer'/'Stories', released on Talking Elephant Records, with a whirlwind gig and radio tour of Ireland that has opened new doors and ears.